Who are we?

Compwiz Creations is a company that focusses in integrating technology in day to day activities to ensure that tasks and objectives are not only done effectively but also efficiently. At compwiz we do strive to automate processes that have majorly been ignored. We believe in enhancing your work rate and output.We pride in innovation and we will always strive to provide solutions that will give you a niche in your competition .

At compwiz creations we strive to develop applications as desired by the customer. Our systems have room futuristic advancements. We differentiate from the current software market where developers drive customers to fit into their systems. Own development mean we have 100% control of our codes and logic there in. We draw our innovation from inspiration pride in developing relevant applications.

We develop bespoke applications that are tailored made to your specific needs. For the SME we have the right tools to meet your needs and at affordable rate