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Knowing Compwiz

Compwiz Creations is a company that focusses in integrating technology in day to day activities to ensure that tasks and objectives are not only done effectively but also efficiently. At compwiz we do strive to automate processes that have majorly been ignored. We believe in enhancing your work rate and output.

What do we do?

At compwiz creations we strive to develop applications as desired by the customer. Our systems have room futuristic advancements. We DO NOT use open source applications which have proven to be difficult to customize as evident in the current software market where developers drive customers to fit into their systems. Own development mean we have 100% control of our codes and logic there in. We draw our innovation from inspiration pride in developing relevant applications.

We develop bespoke applications that are tailored made to your specific needs. For the SME we have the right tools to meet your needs and at affordable rate.

Compwiz Creations

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Compwiz Creations

Welcome to the Home of the wavuti Apps

wavuti Intranet app

This has features of an organization intranet eg leave, doc management...

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wavuti Sacco app

Online Sacco app with loan amortizer, online application, member module...

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wavuti Real Estate app

In real estate business? Manage tenants, landlords, sell land parcels...

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wavuti CRB data miner

Need to submit data to the Credit Reference Bureau,let's mine it for you.

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wavuti Events app

Got headache managing events? We have a quick solution, QR integrated.

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wavuti Salon app

Salon business? Let wavuti manage your staff, stock and customers.

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Compwiz Creations

How long does it take to complete your projects? Are your timelines realistic?

Compwiz Creations timelines vary from project to project. We do schedule a meeting with you our customer and upon getting the need requirements, we set realistic timelines with the customer. The speed of developement depends majorly on the specific need nature and more so on the availability of requirement submissions from you our clients. Projects are normally delayed when the needs are not well actualised and requirements are not delivered in time. We thus emphasis on provision of requirements upfront wherever possible. Upon which we draft a Requirement Specification Document that defines the scope and guide the development process.

Why would I go for bespoke applications whilst in some cases there are ready off the shelf applications ready there in the market?

We do admit, there are cases when there are made solutions off the shelf. Yes when you have a solution that is ready there for your need, why not go for it? At times we need not to re-invent the wheel again. Only issue with most of the off the shelve applications, they are not fully tailored to meet your specific needs. You end up have an application with many features that are never used and on the other hand some of your processes continue to me manual. At compwiz we strive to maximise on full automation as much as possible. We believe in the statement; "Let the software work for you not you to work for the software".

What are your cost projections?

One thing we strive at Compwiz, is to make applications readily available to the unreached mass. Most of these clientele are not in the already established organizations. They are just starting up or just started up and to such cost is a factor. We will balance to ensure that such do not miss the opportunity to compete with the already established. We have flexible rate that will cater for your need. Simple give us an opportunity to listen to you.

Compwiz Creations

Miscellaneous Info

Feel free to contact us and share your needs with us. We are honoured to visit you and help in effecting your dream automation into reality.

We pride in innovation and we will always strive to provide solutions that will give you a niche in your competition .

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